Centrepay report import for social housing providers (AUS)


Learn how to import Centrepay reports to efficiently process receipts from Centrepay.

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What is Centrepay

Centrepay is a free service in Australia that helps people receiving Centrelink benefits manage their bills. With Centrepay, a part of their welfare payments is automatically used to pay for important expenses like rent, utilities, and childcare. This helps ensure that essential bills are paid on time, making it easier to manage finances.

Import Centrepay report

Import your Centrepay report CSV into your Palace database.

  • Go to Financial
  • Select Centrepay Import
  • Click on Choose File
  • Browse to the file and click Open
  • The list will populate with the information from the CSV file
  • Palace links the imported information using the expected payment amount, Tenant Code and CRN reference
  • If there is a complete match, a box labelled Match will appear on the right
  • If there is a partial match, a box labelled Partial will appear on the right
  • If there is no match, no status will appear on the right

Match transactions

After importing your Centrepay CSV file, you can match the transactions as needed.

  • Place your mouse to the right of the row you want to begin matching
  • Select Match Tenant from the Process button's drop-down menu
  • A Tenant Match pop-up screen will appear, displaying key information:
    • CRN - Customer Reference Number
    • Owner - Property owner
    • Property - Property address
    • Details - Rent, i.e. weekly
    • These details connect to the tenancy records in your Palace database, with additional fields available for input
    • Update CRN Number - In case the CRN does not match. I.e., incorrectly entered in Palace. Tick the checkbox
    • When done, click Ok
    • Click Finished to be taken to the Transaction Entry screen to begin reconciling


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