Bulk import of market rent table data in Social Housing


Learn to efficiently manage data for your social housing properties in Australia and New Zealand. This guide streamlines the bulk import process into the market rent table, saving time and reducing errors.

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About bulk data import

Managing market rent data can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with numerous properties. This feature allows you to perform bulk imports, streamlining the process using a CSV template.

Bulk import market rent data

Here's how to bulk import market rent data. This area is permission-based. If you cannot access the settings area, ask your manager or administrator to assist you.

  • Go to System > Settings > Tools
  • Click on Import Market Rent


  • Click Export Template

Note: This template contains predefined headings, mirroring the market rent table fields, and includes an additional property code heading for mapping.

  • Open the CSV template and enter the market rent data as required. Make sure to follow the predefined headings
  • After filling in the template, return to the Import Market Rent function
  • Select Choose File to import the completed CSV file
  • Specific validation checks are carried out:
    • Ensure column headings are accurate and in the proper sequence; any extra columns will prompt an error
    • Ensure all lines have a valid property code, new market rent, and a start date
    • Verify that numeric/decimal data fields are correctly formatted
    • Check for existing market rent entries and confirm that the new entries are dated after the existing ones

Note: NZ clients have the option of adding additional columns that connect to the availability report.

  • After the initial import, you will receive a preview of the extracted data. Failed validations are displayed


  • Correct any validation errors and re-import the file only after all issues are resolved
  • Click Confirm to import
  • Upon successful import, you'll receive a notification confirming completion along with a report detailing the imported data


What's next

Once you've done this task, you may want to learn more about managing vacancy history.

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