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Palace offers comprehensive functionality to address your social and affordable housing needs. Before starting, we highly recommend reviewing the available defaults and configuring the various options to align with your specific requirements. This article provides guidance on the initial setup process, enabling you to effectively utilize Palace to record social housing data in New Zealand and Australia.

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About social and affordable housing in Palace

Palace offers robust features for capturing tenant, property, and agency data, providing comprehensive tools for custom reporting and seamless connectivity between these entities. Each entity type has a dedicated menu list that can be tailored to your specific business requirements. This functionality enables efficient data management and organization, allowing you to effortlessly store and access related information for each entity.

About agencies

In Palace, the social housing section is referred to as "Agency." It provides robust tools for capturing tenant, property, and agency data, ensuring seamless integration and connectivity between these entities. Each entity type is supported by a dedicated menu list that can be customized to meet specific business needs, promoting efficient data management and organization tailored to social housing requirements.

The social housing add-on feature must be activated before the social housing items are available in the database.

List defaults

The List defaults section manages and customizes various predefined lists and dropdown menus throughout the application. This area allows users to configure and tailor options to fit their specific needs, ensuring that the data entry process is streamlined and consistent. By setting up list defaults, users can create standardized choices for fields such as income categories, frequency codes, currency types, and more. This helps maintain uniformity across records and improves the efficiency of data entry and reporting within the system.


Once the questions and required fields have been configured, navigate to a property to access the edit page.


We have two shortcuts available for our tenants. The shortcuts are Housing Details and Person Details, and they are within the main head tenant screen in the tenancy profile area.

Manage agencies in Palace

To configure agency settings, you can locate the agency type and service type fields within the agency's options tab. The support types can also be found within the respective property or tenant options.

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