24th April 2024 | Introducing Palace Automation Hub

Automation Hub: We're excited to introduce our new Automation Hub, designed to streamline your operations. With automated rent and invoice arrears reminders, you can ensure faster payments. Customize notifications for each arrears stage effortlessly, freeing up your time for other priorities. For a detailed setup and workflow guide, please refer to our comprehensive setup and workflow guide.

Bond Payments: We’ve resolved an issue where bond forms and remittances were failing to send to the bond center during Direct Credit bond payments. This fix ensures the complete workflow operates smoothly as expected.


In our next release, expect a range of enhancements and bug fixes. Updates include improvements to Casual Tenancy management with the overpaid rent ledger, enhanced Change Log functionality, Smoke Alarm updates (including a fix to newly added alarms and merge fields), and more. Stay informed through our release notes, newsletters, and in-app notifications within Palace.


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