29th February 2024 | System - Inbound Mail upgrade

Feature Summary

System: Inbound Mail upgrade: Following recent events that resulted in our incoming email service being discontinued, we are pleased to offer a new and improved Inbound Mail service. Please see here for the full comprehensive set up and workflow guide. 

This solution brings some beneficial changes, including:

  • Customizable Incoming Emails: You now have the flexibility to set up incoming emails directly from within Palace and the option to turn it off if needed.
  • Domain Name Update: Say goodbye to 'rentals-mail.com' as our domain name will transition to 'rent-mx.com'.

Rest assured, beyond these front-end changes, everything will function seamlessly as you're accustomed to. Plus, with our new solution, expect even faster email processing, ensuring your replies appear in Palace promptly.




We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid March 2024 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Automation Hub (Phase One): Arrears notifications
  • Microsoft Single Sign On
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