Android Mobile Update - v2.0.4 (582)

January 2024 | Draft Inspections & Duplicate Video Entries

What's New?

Draft Inspections Consistency

  • Aligning Android behaviour with iOS, all draft inspections created on the device will now remain even if the related property is not exported/synced across to the app

Video Inspections Enhancement

  • Users encountered issues with multiple diary entries being created when uploading Video inspections from the app. We have implemented measures to prevent the creation of duplicate diary entries with the same YouTube link to avoid this from happening moving forward

Note: This also applies to our iOS mobile app.

What we're working on

Inspection Data Loss

  • Issue Under Investigation: Users are experiencing issues with photos failing to fully upload
  • Cause: Potential clash time out with upload, leading to partial or incomplete data
  • Upcoming Solution: Implementing measures to prevent the loss of data

Inspection Date correction

  • Current Behavior: Inspection Dates are showing under the incorrect column when previewed i.e., Overdue, Today, Soon
  • Future Improvement: Aligning Android behaviour with iOS, we will adjust the logic behind this display to ensure the correct filters are used
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