8th May 2024 | Bug fixes and more....

What we fixed

Social Housing Agencies: Redirection after Custom View edit: The redirection after editing and saving an entry from an Agency Custom View will now work as expected, and return the User to relevant Custom View instead of the current Agencies list.

Reports: Audit Trans - Invoices/Payments/Receipts - Relabel Filter: A quick label update for these 3 reports. The filter previously labelled 'System Bank' is now re-labelled 'Sort By' to reflect the fields purpose.

Audit report label change.png

Property: Safety - Smoke Alarm merge field combining: When looking at the Smoke Alarm section on the Property Safety tab, the fields for Last Checked and Checked By are separate. When reporting on this information using the merge field 'Property HS Smoke Alarms Last Checked', the information was combined. We have now separated out these merge fields to allow for more accurate reporting and filtering.

NOTE: The current 'Property HS Smoke Alarms Last Checked' merge field will no longer produce information as a result of these changes. We now have 2 new merge fields - 'Property HS Smoke Alarms Last Checked Date' & 'Property HS Smoke Alarms Last Checked By'. We would highly recommend auditing your Custom Views and Document Templates to ensure you are using these new fields where required.

Social Housing NZ: Market Rent table dates: The Market Rent table on Properties was displaying Start and End dates based on the User’s time zone and not based on the original entered dates. This has now been fixed and the dates will display accurately as expected in all instances.

Reports: Change Log - Owner Payment Type field: There was an edge case that occurred periodically, where a change to an Owners Payment Type was not captured in the change log. Isolated to Save & View, followed by Save & Close workflow. Owner Payment Type field changes will now be captured accurately in the change log in all cases as expected.

Transactions: Casual Tenancy Rent: In order to prevent issues with Casual Tenancy rent receipts being placed into the overpaid rent ledger, we have enhanced the service that calculates rent owing in Palace to include Casual Managements.

Reports: Change Log - Manual Changes made to Transaction Paid by Numbers: For trouble shooting & tracking purposes, we will now log any manual changes made to 'Paid By Transaction Numbers' in Invoice Supplier transactions.

Property: Safety - Issue adding new smoke alarms: An issue isolated to about 40 databases, where smoke alarms were not being added successfully has now been resolved.

Emails: Merge Template in inbox: Previously when Users would attempt to merge a document template into an email reply via the inbox, the workflow would not match what is available via an entity diary and would display an error message. For consistency, we have updated the inbox workflow to reflect the diary workflow.

Merge via inbox.png

Property: Keep back reason duplicating on pending Invoices: When pending invoices were created via a work order, the relevant properties current keep back reason/s (if there was one) was being duplicated, with the new keep back reason being appended to it. We have since fixed this, so you can now expect the keep back reasons to update accurately going forward.

Reports: Property Available (Summary) - Feature options sticking: When a user generated the bulk Property - Available (Summary) report with the feature fields in the report options menu populated, the selections made were sticking and did not clear when navigating away from the page. In future, you will be able to generate this report freely, utilizing the feature fields that now clear when you navigate away from the page, along with a 'None' option available in the drop downs allowing a user to clear these manually when required.

Avail Summ filters.png

Social Housing Agencies: Screen dims after archiving: When archiving multiple agencies, the screen will no longer dim and will remain use-able once archiving has been completed.

Reports: Change Log - Record Tenant Vacate information: We will now record in the change log what selections were made in the below pop up that appears on tenant vacate date entry.

Tenant vacate.png

Inspections: Export List - Table formatting: The formatting of the export list will now remain functional and consistent when editing line entries in this area.

Reports: Property - Combined Management: When the Property - Combined Management report is generated it will now open in a new tab, consistent with other reports in the system.

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