Android Mobile Update - v2.0.3 (581)

December 2023 | Multiple Bug fixes

What's New?

Comments Feature Enhancement:

  • Resolved Issues: Addressed reported problems with adding, editing, and deleting comments on specific devices during inspections.
  • User Experience: Expect smoother functionality for comments within the app.

Crash Reports Stabilized:

  • Root Cause: Identified crash logs linked to properties without inspection charges or tenants.
  • Resolution: Updated code to prevent app crashes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Contact Numbers Fixed:

  • Issue: Users encountered difficulties making calls or sending SMS within the app due to erroneous numbers.
  • Fix: Corrected the problem causing additional numbers, ensuring valid contact numbers for calls and SMS.

What we're working on

Video Inspections Enhancement:

  • Issue Under Investigation: Users experiencing multiple copies of the same video inspection.
  • Cause: Potential clash between YouTube account settings and the app's uploading process.
  • Upcoming Solution: Implementing measures to prevent the creation of duplicate diary entries with the same YouTube link.

Draft Inspections Consistency: 

  • Current Behavior: The Android app differs from iOS; draft inspections disappear upon export exclusion.
  • Future Improvement: Aligning Android behaviour with iOS to retain draft inspections on the device, enhancing user workflow.
  • Upcoming Release: Anticipated in the new year to bring consistency across platforms.

Stay tuned for future updates! Watch out for our upcoming releases in the new year, bringing further enhancements and improvements to elevate your experience with our app.

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