22nd March 2024 | System Custom Fields - Improved workflow for renaming/type change & clearing, Property - New Power & Gas consumption fields, Additional Tenants - Surname as hyperlink, Social Housing (NZ) - Availability Report, Bug fixes and more....

Feature Summary

System: Custom Fields - Improved workflow for renaming/type change & clearing: In order to improve the workflow around removing or re purposing system custom fields, we have implemented the below enhancements.

  • Renaming Custom Fields is not restricted and can be renamed at any point, with no effects on the data stored.

Rename CF.png

  • Updating Custom Field types is restricted and will present the User with a warning before proceeding. This action will clear all data stored.

Change CF Type.png

  • Removing/Clearing Custom fields is restricted and will present the User with a warning before proceeding. This action will clear all data stored.

Clear CF.png

NOTE: When a Custom Fields data is cleared, we would recommend auditing your Custom Views and Document Templates in order to remove these now unused fields.

Property: New Power & Gas Consumption fields: Via the Property > Options tab, we now provide 2 new fields for Power & Gas Consumption data. These fields are also available for use in Custom Views and Document Templates.

Power gas consumption.png

Additional Tenants: Surname as Hyperlink: For consistency, and a slight navigation improvement within the System, the Surname on any Additional Tenant record will now be a hyperlink. In order to view/edit an Additional Tenants information, a User can now simply click on the Surname in the list.

Additional Tenant.png

Social Housing (NZ): Availability Report for Govt invoicing: As a Social Housing provider in New Zealand, you need to generate a Government Availability Report for extracting information used in Government Invoicing through the Social Housing module. This article guides you through the process.

Rent Review Setting (API Update): Exciting news for API users! Our latest update extends the Rent Review setting to tenants created via API. If you've set defaults for rent reviews, new tenants will automatically follow these rules. No worries if you're not using the latest setting – your workflow remains unchanged.

Important Note: If you use the Rent Review setting, it takes precedence over API data, overwriting any sent rent review dates. Learn more about the new Rent Review setting here.

TradeMe Integration: Additional Support for Virtual Tours: We now support an additional virtual tour provider via the TradeMe integration, listed below:

  • ipropertyexpress.com



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from late March 2024 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Automation Hub (Phase One): Rent arrears notifications
  • Microsoft Single Sign On


What we fixed

Owner Portal (Version 2): Displaying incorrect Management/Maintenance Fee amounts: Owners utilizing the new Version 2 Owner portal can now expect to see the Management and Maintenance Fee amounts displayed accurately in both the Portfolio & Transaction areas.

Owner: Invoice Media merge field: The newly added Owner Invoice Media field is now available as a merge field for use in Custom Views and Documents.

Transactions: Invoice Tenancy Expense Type display: When users manually enter a reference against a tenant invoice, Palace did not include the expense type on the generated invoice. The fix applied here will ensure the expense type is displayed on the Invoice PDF in all instances (whether a reference is manually entered or not). 

Reports: Change log - Record Owner Email information & Property Management Type changes: The Individual and System change logs will now capture when Owner email information is edited, and when a Property Management type is changed for tracking and trouble shooting purposes.

Property: Transfer Wizard - Auto populate Commencement Date: Going forward, when the Property Transfer Wizard is utilized, the original start date of tenancies will be automatically transferred to the commencement date within the new tenancy record (where applicable), to maintain accurate historical records.

Transactions: Owner Payments (Version 1 & 3) - Uncleared Funds & Keepback issue: We have rectified an issue that saw online files generating with short payments present. This was specific to Owners with multiple properties, connected to different bank accounts, whilst also having uncleared funds or keepbacks in play. Online files generated for these scenarios moving forward will be accurate as expected.

System: Prevent Duplicate End of Month closure: In an attempt to prevent Users from processing duplicate End of Month close offs, we have introduced a new system warning that will display when a User attempts to start End of Month on the same day they have successfully closed off a month. The warning will display as below - please note, this is simply a warning, if a User does wish to proceed they can do so by selecting Yes.


Entity Diaries: Draft Email display: If a manual email send is attempted where the recipient has not been entered, we will now display this email entry in the relevant diary as a draft instead of as successfully sent.

Reports: Emailing reports that contain an ampersand or apostrophe: We will now handle instances where a Tenant Details or Summary of Rent report are emailed to a Tenant where an ampersand (&) or an apostrophe (') exists in the Tenancy Name field. Previously a User would be presented with an error, whereas now we will attach the report to a newly composed email successfully as expected. 

Owner Portal (Version 2): Store activation email in Owner Diary: When Owners are activated for the new Version 2 Owner portal, we will now store a copy of the activation email in the relevant Owners diary. In addition to this, the emails will also be logged in the Email Log.

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