17th November 2023 | Global Search, Excel Reports format enhancement, Social Housing rent handling (NZ), Tenant Detail visibility setting for Owner Statements, Rent Review setting for new tenants, Bug fixes and more....

Feature Summary

System: Global Search (Phase One): The ability to quickly search and navigate to any current entity record or landing page within Palace is now here. Users now have access to phase one of our global search feature via the magnifying glass in the top left-hand corner.

  • Entity search results are based on current entities (archived entities will be included in the near future)
  • Entity search can be performed using names, contact numbers or email addresses
  • Palace functions search results are based on landing pages within Palace, e.g. Owner reports, system settings, reconciliation etc.
  • To initiate the search, a minimum of 3 characters is required followed by selecting Enter
  • Recent search selection is user-specific and will display the 10 most recent searches performed
  • Transactions (including the transaction menu), cannot be searched via Global Search

Global Search.png

Reports: Excel format enhancement: We have made a minor visual update to 3 Excel-generated reports. When the below reports are generated to Excel, Users will now have less of a need to manually reformat cell widths.

  • Bulk Report: Property Diary Group
  • Individual Report: Property Healthy Homes
  • Bulk Report: Tenant Diary Group

Social Housing Module: Rent Handling (NZ): The new rent handling function for our New Zealand Social Housing clients is now available. There are many components to this, so please take the time to read through our help articles below.

System: Tenant Detail visibility setting for Owner Statements: In response to evolving privacy laws in the property management industry, we have introduced a new system setting focused on owner statements. This setting, labelled 'Show Tenant Details on Statements,' will be accessible under System > Settings > Management > Owner heading. Positioned at the top of the list, above 'Owner generate zero statements,' this toggle will provide users with the ability to control whether tenant details (Tenant Group Name) are displayed on owner statements.

Note: The new setting will default to YES, in line with how the system functions currently.

Show Tenant Details on statements.png

System: Rent Review setting for new tenants: We have introduced a new setting for Rent Reviews under System > Defaults > Property / Tenancy defaults column in Palace. This setting includes an Interval field and a Period drop-down menu. Options in the drop-down menu for the Period field include "Days," "Weeks," and "Months".

This setting's purpose is to enable the automatic setup of rent review reminders when a new tenant is created. For instance, if the setting is configured for 12 Months, the system will automatically establish a rent review reminder 12 months from the new tenant's start date.

Note: When the default setting is utilized, the Rent Review Date field will not be displayed when a new tenancy is entered. The Rent Review date will be calculated as per the default setting once the new tenancy is saved, after this point the review date will be displayed as expected.

Rent review interval.png


We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out a new feature for our customers. We plan to start introducing the below item in mid-December 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Automation Hub (Phase One): Rent arrears notifications
  • Social Housing (NZ): Availability Report for Govt invoicing

What we fixed

Transactions: Improve ledger assignment - Receipt Tenant (multiple)/Bank Import: When utilizing the "Receipt Tenant (multiple)" transaction type or bank import, users were encountering issues related to ledger assignment (specifically for tenants with multiple ledger assignments set up under their Payment Details. E.g. multiple Receipt Other Ledger/Bond Other lines assigned to different ledgers). The affected areas were not pulling through the ledger information accurately, resulting in incorrect transaction processing in some cases. With this issue now resolved, Users can expect ledger assignment information to populate accurately via Receipt Tenant (multiple) and bank import.

Entity: Sanitization on entry/edit: Due to issues with the email page not displaying the linked contact section and/or failing to load, we have added some sanitization around special characters being used on adding or editing an entity. When characters such as backslash or double quotes are used within an entity, we will remove these automatically on successful save. In cases where this happens, Users can expect to see a validation message stating invalid characters have been identified and removed.

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