Manage rental records for tenants in social housing (NZ)


As a Social Housing Provider in New Zealand, efficient rental record management is crucial. This article guides you through the process of recording and managing rental records for tenants in the Social Housing module of Palace.

This article covers:

  • About rental record management
  • How to manage rental records

About rental record management

Accurate rental record management is essential for Social Housing Providers. It ensures that rent changes, reviews, and other related information are properly recorded. This feature introduces two additional fields for rental record management: "Transferred" (Yes/No) and "Govt Tenancy Reference" (Free Text).

How to manage rental records

Follow these steps to manage rental records:

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for the tenant
  • Either
  • Click the Edit button on the right of the tenant or
  • Click the tenant's name to open their profile
  • Under Rent changes, update the rent field with the weekly Income Related Rent (IRR) amount


  • Additionally, you will find the Govt Tenancy Reference field under Tenancy and the Transferred field under Tenancy Status. Fill in these fields as required


Note: The Govt Tenancy Reference is used as an identifier within the Govt Availability Report.

  • Either
    • Click More > Save & view or
    • Click Save & close

What's next

Once you've done this task, you may like to learn more about market rent and supplement management for social housing.

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