Generating a Government Availability Report for Social Housing


As a Social Housing provider in New Zealand, you need to generate a Government Availability Report for extracting information used in Government Invoicing through the Social Housing module. This article guides you through the process.

About the Govt Availability Report

The Government Availability Report serves as an essential tool for Social Housing providers in New Zealand, enabling them to gather the necessary data for Government Invoicing. The report is divided into three distinct sheets: "Current Tenants," "Tenants Over Market Rent," and "Vacant Properties."

How to Generate the Availability Report

To generate the Government Availability Report, you need to:

  1. Insights Menu: Ensure your user account has 'Insight Reports' authority enabled. Then, navigate to the Insights menu, specifically 'Insights > Properties.'
  2. Select Govt Availability: Within the Insights menu, select the 'Availability Report' option.
  3. Review the Reports Menu: You can configure the following parameters:

    - Date From: This defaults to the previous two weeks from the current date.
    - Date To: This defaults to the current date.
    - Contract: This considers the Contract Type set for each property (found under Property > Dwelling Details > Contract Type) and allows for multiple selections.
    - Management Group: This takes into account the Management Group assigned to each property (under Property > Management Group) and permits multiple selections.
    - Vacancy Status: This focuses on the Vacancy History of each property (under Property > History > Vacancy History) and allows for multiple selections. The statuses chosen here are specifically relevant to the "Vacant Properties" tab in the report.

  4. Generate the Report: Click to generate the Availability Report in Excel format.
  5. Review the Report Sheets: The report consists of three separate sheets/tabs: Current Tenants, Tenants Over Market Rent, and Vacant Properties. Ensure that the data presented in each sheet aligns with your specified filters and data sources.
  6. Paste Data for Govt Invoicing: After generating the report, copy and paste the data into your Government Invoice template for further processing.
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