Understanding inspection app settings


To enable features like signature, saving photos to the camera roll, and Caller ID, simply adjust your settings. Customize these options in the Settings menu and enjoy the enhanced functionality.

This article will cover:


The settings tab is the area where you will configure the app for your specific needs.


  • Email - The email address you’re currently signed into the app with
  • Database - The current database you’re viewing. If your credentials are in several databases, you can switch between them without needing to sign out
  • Use TouchID - (Supported Apple devices) A quick way of signing into the app instead of using your email and password
  • Use FaceID - (Supported Apple devices) A quick way of signing into the app instead of using your email and password
  • Use CallerID - (Supported Apple devices) Any contacts in the app will appear on the incoming call screen with a mention of where the information is found
  • Sign In Automatically - A quick way of signing into the app instead of using your email and password
  • Sync - A manual sync to receive information sent from Palace’s Property inspections Export list 


  • Upload on Wi-Fi only - Inspections will only upload to Palace when a wireless connection is established
  • Uploads - This area hosts the Queue and Uploads tabs
  • Queue - Inspections that have not been uploaded yet will appear here
  • Uploaded - A 14-day history list. Inspections can be re-uploaded to Palace


  • Signature - If you would like the tenant to sign off the inspection before submitting it. Signatures will appear in the images tab of the inspection report as the last image in the list
  • Save to camera roll - All photos taken in the app will be copied to the device’s camera roll/library. This is a backup of the photos in case something were to happen to the inspection before it has been uploaded to Palace
  • Use highest resolution video - Used for video inspections. If disabled, the video quality will be reduced
  • Login/Logout of YouTube - Used for video inspections. Sign into your YouTube account before conducting video inspections
  • Upload default - Change upload defaults such as video description and visibility
  • Delete logs - This will clear all previously uploaded inspections in the Uploaded tab to Palace except for the day it’s pressed. This is used to reduce the size of the inspection app


  • Contact us - A support request can be created via the app if there is a mailbox setup on the device
  • About - MRI’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Version - It is important to check that your device is using the latest available version

Enable Caller ID

Caller ID is only available for Apple devices. This must be enabled on the device as well as in the inspection app’s settings area.

  • Tap on the device’s Settings
  • Tap Phone
  • Tap Call Blocking & Identification
  • If Palace Liquid is disabled, tap on the slider to enable this feature
  • Go back to the inspection app's Settings and Use CallerID should now be enabled

Apple - CallerID.png

What's next

After working through the settings area, you may want to create an inspection template and perform video inspections on the app.

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