Inspections have gone missing/lost

There is a particular aspect of our mobile app that may result in what appears to be lost inspections. That is, where you've done inspections on a property (or properties) and then they go missing before you get a chance to upload them.
Well they may not, in fact, be missing:
1. You export properties A, B and C, but not property D.
2. That means you now have 3 properties on your mobile device (A, B and C)
3. If you do an inspection for each property, you'll then have 3 inspections awaiting upload.
4. However, if you export a different property (or set of properties) from Palace (eg. property D) BEFORE you upload inspections A, B, C from your mobile device...
5. Then property D will appear on your phone and the inspection awaiting upload will no longer be there (since the corresponding property A, B, and C have been replaced with property D. 
Cue the panic music, as we have just lost hours of work for Inspections A, B and C.....or have we?
If you find yourself in a similar situation, simply open up Palace (desktop version) and re-select properties A, B, C along with D and perform another export. Sync the app on your device and you will be able to see all three inspections again. What you will also find, are all the photos, notes & statuses that you 'temporarily' lost for Inspections A, B and C and they once again appear as 'awaiting upload'.
The app is designed to stay up to date with any info you export from your PC. What this means is that, when you export properties not on your mobile device, it will look like it's deleted or 'overwritten' any inspections 'awaiting upload' since those properties don't exist on your phone.
Luckily for us, our developers have designed the system to only 'temporarily' delete the data if you are to export over it. The above steps will allow you to retrieve any missing inspections and will bring the data back ready for an upload.
NOTE: This will only work if you are logging in and using the exact same device you used to perform the original inspections and if the app hasn't been uninstalled since the inspections were done.
Please have a look at the image below
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