Document Flow-problem solving questions

Just a few things to check if you get a document flow issue, hopefully it makes it a bit easier to figure out what's happened 


Check the property expense report - has it be processed already

Check approvals tab - for all agents - it's not a pending invoice


Check the property diary - look for the invoice document - invoices appear in the diary when they have been scanned into the system, when processed it updates this invoice document with the transaction number and removes from document flow transaction area.


Check the main change log to make sure it’s not been deleted, the log will also tell you if it’s been recorded as a duplicate, or has an exception and has been approved or the document has been opened. If you can’t find the invoice in the diary and it hasn't been deleted - IT can check it was passed at all or if it’s linked to the wrong property


If a document has been flag as a duplicate but it’s the first time it's been entered let IT know we can check the information being passed to see why it was flagged

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