Version 6.18

​The ​
Owner Summary Statement
​ Type​
doubling up GST on 'Inspection Fees'
Fix: Charge Tenant Debit - Apply to Bond Ledger is Possible BUT Receipt Tenant Other doesn't allow receipting to a Bond Ledger if an Invoice is selected
Update: Import Inspection
​ Tab: This now displays import Date, you can sort the list by import Date. The column now sorts and it shows the logged in agents Mobile Device Account username at the top of the screen​
Tenancy Edit: Add new field
​under the ​
'Planned Rent Change' called 'Planned Rent Period' to use in 'Planned Rent Change' process
All Diary (Owner / Property / Tenancy / Creditor): Add 'Filter' for 'Diary Group'
​, so you can now filter by Rent Reviews or Rent overdue etc​
Dashboard: Charges Tab - Add 'Filter' for 'Diary Group' (Including 'All')
​You can now filter in the Charges Tab, by type i.e Just show Inspection charges so it makes it easier to select to charge​
Transaction Entry: Payment Type Cheque (do not allow 'Duplicate' 'Cheque No.' in 'Reference' for payment type 'Cheque' only)
​ - If type is cheque, Palace will check for double entry of the same cheque number​
Transaction History: Reference Field (Allow 'Edit' if 'Reference is Empty' / do NOT allow 'Edit' if 'Reference is NOT empty)
Custom Views: Tenancy (Include 'Debtor Field' to allow exclusion) Yes / No
​This is so you can exclude any debtor tenants from mail merges​
Creditor: Custom Field Setup (User fldPersonCustom fields) / Mergeable / Custom Views
Property: New Field (
​Under ​
Health & Safety
​ Tab​
) - Insulation
​ New field for last checked by​
Property: New Field (
​Under ​
Health & Safety
​ Tab​
) - Smoke Alarm
​New field for last checked by
​Under ​
​ Reports​
(Smoke Alarm Expiry)
Fix: Inspection 'Status' Save - Doesn't save a status if it already exists as part of any other status
Tenancy Report:
​Under Tenant Reports - ​
Other Amounts (Tracked) - Add 'Agent' Totals field for each 'Agent'
​totals at the end of each agent​
Strict Audit: Reverse 'Transaction' initiates 'Strict Audit Block' if balance is taken back to $0.00 (Example to be supplied
​) This is to allow an Owner to be taken by to zero.​
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