6th October 2023 | Streamlined Report Handling and Emailing for Entity Reports, Auto-generate Tenant receipts, Owner Invoicing, Trade Me - Additional support for virtual tours, Bug fixes and more....

Feature Summary

Reports: Streamlined Report Handling and Emailing for individual Entity Reports: We have introduced 2 new options within individual entity report menus.

  • Preview - Use this option to view the embedded report on the same page
  • Email - Use this option to open a new tab with a composed email containing the report attached
  • Generate - Use this option to open a new tab with the pdf/excel report (current state)

Report options.PNG

Note: All individual entity reports (excluding the change log) offer these new options.

Transactions: Receipt Rent/Bond/Tenant Invoice - Auto-generate receipts for tenants: 3 new settings available to be utilized on a per tenant basis (Options tab).

  • Enable Auto Rent Receipts
  • Enable Auto Bond Receipts
  • Enable Auto Tenant Invoice Receipts

In setting either or all of these new options to Yes, the system automatically generates a receipt for the relevant transaction type. This will behave based on a Tenants Invoice Media setting and includes single transaction receipts, receipt tenant multiple receipts and receipts processed via bank import.


Note: The default setting for these new options is NO. If left as No, there will be no change to the current process (receipts are generated for all payment types except 'Direct' in print form).

Also, to ensure your clients receive their receipts via email without issues, it would be beneficial to have them whitelist your Palace email address. Instructions on how to do this are here.

TradeMe Integration: Additional Support for Virtual Tours: We now support an additional 3 virtual tour providers via the TradeMe integration, listed below: 

  • boxbrownie.com
  • Cloudpano.com
  • kuula.co

Transactions: Generate and Email Invoices to Owners: When entering any of these transaction types "Charge Admin," "Inspection," "Letting Fees," or "Invoice Supplier", you will now see new toggles labelled "Download Invoice" and "Email Invoice" on the transaction creation screen. The values displayed for these toggles will default based on the new Invoice Media field setting on an Owner record (Financial tab).

Owner Invoice Media.PNG

Owner Invoice toggles.PNG

  • Setting the Download Invoice option to Yes, the system will create an owner invoice for a specific transaction and download a PDF copy.
  • Setting the Email Invoice option to Yes, the system will create an owner invoice for a specific transaction and email a PDF copy to the relevant owner (utilizing the owner's primary email address).
  • If an invoice is triggered, whether it is downloaded or emailed, there will be a record stored in the property diary (2 if emailed - 1 for the file itself as an external file and another for the email entry).
  • The PDF invoice will include the following information:
    • GST number (pulled from System Settings)
    • Company name (pulled from the registered name for the database)
    • Invoice number (optional field for user entry, pulled from Ref No. field)
    • Owner name (pulled from Owner Full Name)
    • Owner address (pulled from Postal Address)
    • Property address (Property Address Full)
    • Agent details (Name, Position, Office & Email)

The help article related to this feature can be found here.

What we fixed

Reports: UTC Related Delay in Summary of Rent: Previously, when a user processed a "receipt rent" with a transaction date that equals the "current date," the specific transaction would be missing from the Summary of Rent report until the afternoon. This discrepancy was attributed to a UTC issue and has now been resolved, meaning receipt rent transactions processed for the current date will display on the report as expected in all instances.

System: Enable Adding New NZ & NZ Chinese Bank Accounts: We have made adjustments to allow bank accounts from the following to be entered successfully in an Entity (Owner, Tenant, Additional Tenant & Supplier):

  • ANZ new prefixes
  • China Construction Bank NZ Ltd
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (New Zealand) Ltd
  • HSBC New Zealand
  • Citibank N.A.
  • Bank of China NZ Ltd

Bank Import (V1 & V2): Improve Efficiency in Matching Tenant (adjustment): When selecting to Match Tenant or Owner within the bank import, your cursor will now go directly into the Select a tenancy/owner field. This will allow users to immediately input tenant/owner details without the need for an extra click. This has now been adjusted to only apply to Non-Matched lines.

Rent Calculator: Usage of calculator sees side scroll bar removed: We have now fixed an issue that saw the side scroll bar in the System removed when the rent calculator was utilized. The scroll bar will now persist in this case.

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