Sprint 18

  • You can now use the date picker to set the date on rent changes instead of typing  Transaction - Supplier Payment will automatically be emailed out if Suppliers are set to email
  • Work Order - A few improvements to navigation and saving attachments
  • Owner payments with automatically clear from the unprocessed list under online file
  • Transaction - Receipt Tenant Multi will not longer charge commission
  • Import Bank statement - Improvements to stop double importing
  • Transaction - Receipt Tenancy Invoice - can no longer do a zero invoice
  • Transactions (Single): Agent Commission new drop down function to select agent
  • Transactions (Online Banking): Import Statement - improvements to auto-matching
  • Transactions (History): changes to the Filter for easier date range select for searching
  • Transaction - Tenant Multi Restricted Ledger with no longer show as Bond (other)
  • Global Tenancy Message with now appear on the tenancy invoices
  • Diary (General): Delete function has been added on the edit arrow
  • Diary (Email): you can now forward emails
  • Supplier Remittances will now send the attached documents
  • Strict audit is now Available to use
  • Negative receipts will not longer auto present
  • Owner payments you will now give an error message if the owner has more than one property in negative with multiple bank accounts 
  • Alerts have been moved to the left of the screen with a new icon
  • Owner: Edit screen the split payment option now works 
  • The Work order screen now shows the estimated cost and invoiced amount on the front screen
  • Email / SMS Inbox is now available 
  • Email / SMS Inbox: SMS Sending gives you a sent message to let you know its sent
  • Email / SMS Inbox: SMS Reply doesn't show the reply in the content to reduce the other all sms size
  • Email / SMS Inbox: Improvements to Navigation, once you save and close
  • Custom View: You have a check and un-check all selection box
  • Transaction History : More details added to Receipt Tenancy Invoice description
  • Alerts will now show when entering a transaction
  • Custom Views: 'Full Property Address' is not available to the tenancy fields
  • Owner Statements - improvements to the progress bar to stop it looking like it hanging when it's still processing 
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