How to see the invoices attached to a statement.

First go to the Owner edit screen and change the statement media to paper.

(Take a note of what it is meant to be as you will have to change this back.) 


Go to the Owner Diary and view the statement. Write down the month and the sequence number.  Not the statement number but the sequence. 


Go to Owner Reports - Owner Statement Run - Select the month and go to Options.

(Take a screen shot as you are going to make temporary changes and need to make sure they are set back the correct way for month end. ) 


In the Options Un-tick the Office Copy - paper, and Owner Copy Email.  

Make sure you tick Owner Copy - paper.


Make sure Combined to 1 PDF (Allows for 1 Print Job) Is ticked.  Make sure Include Invoice Documents (With related transactions) is ticked. 

Close out and go to the sequence number.  Make sure the From Seq and to Seq are the same number and the number you found on the owner statement for that month.

Now Process.   

A message will come up ' Statements have already been generated for this month. Would you like to overwrite existing statements? click NO.  And then select the printer and number of copies. then select OK

The paper statement and the invoices should print out. 


After printing, you have to then change the Option in the Statement Run back the way they were and also the owner statement type as well. 

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