How to remove a room and current inspection off the Android App

  • Remove a current inspection
  • Remove a room.
  • Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for Android devices.

Remove a current inspection:

If you remove a room in the 'configure inspection' tab, this will only update any NEW inspections for this property. If you have already clicked to 'start' an inspection then you will need to delete this draft inspection to see the changes you have made in the configure inspection tab.

To do this:
  • Tap on "Uploads"
  • Touch and hold the inspections that you want to delete, after a couple of seconds, a pop up will tell you how many inspections are selected.
  • Click on the Rubbish bin icon (Top right-hand side of the screen)
  • You can then go back to the property and start the new inspection



Remove a room:

Go to the Property, tap on 'Configure Inspection'

Tap on the room you wish to delete.  Click on the Trash Can (top right-hand side of the screen)

Note: This will remove ALL features that were against this room.

You will now see the list that the room was in, has now been removed.




Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for Android devices.

Palace uses ZOOM for remote support if and when it's needed.

To help our support agents to assist you faster in your time of need kindly install ZOOM Cloud Meetings on your device(s) before contacting support.


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