How to edit Creditor Barcode if they have changed their barcode?

  • Connect your Bar Code Scanner to the Computer
  • In Palace, Click on Transactions
  • Click on the drop down box on the right hand side (Generate side)
  • Select "Barcode Invoices (creditor name)" and click on the green arrow that says edit barcode definition
  • Click on "Scan Barcode" Using your scanner, scan the barcode from the Creditor invoice (This can be any invoice from this creditor) once scanned, click save.
  • Click on the Creditor Part, Green arrow. Highlight the part of the barcode that specifies the creditor i.e WSLAC and click save
  • Click on "Account Part" green arrow. Highlight the part of the barcode that specifies the account number, normally found at the top of the invoice i.e 008577901
  • Click on the "Amount part" green arrow. Highlight part of the barcode that specifies the amount of the invoice, i.e The invoice is $42.46 but I would allow for more characters. (see example)
  • If you are generating a charge for the tenants, Tick the Generate Charge for Tenancy Button, A box will pop up that you fill in if you have a Fixed charge for the Owners. Otherwise leave it as zero
  • Then click okay and you're done.

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