13th September 2023 | Image limit increase for Trade Me upload, New option to Exclude Non Managed properties from Insights reporting, Changes to User Authority: Templates/Custom Views, Bug fixes and more....

Feature Summary

System: Setting - Exclude non managed properties from Insights reporting: We now offer the option to exclude non-managed properties from Insights reporting (specific Insights reports). When set to Yes, this will ensure that the reports only include properties that have variations of 'manage' in their set Management Types.

Reports affected by this change are:

Insights > Portfolio: Portfolio (Summary & Detailed)

Insights > Properties: Properties Net Gain, Properties Lost, Properties Won

NOTE: If you would like to utilize this new system setting, it would be a great time to review your existing Management Types in order to have this work as intended. This could include relabeling existing Management Types that you have to include or exclude the word 'manage'.

Insights reporting.png

Advertising: Image limit increase for Trade Me upload: To align with Trade Me's specifications, we have increased the image limit for Trade Me uploads in Palace to 50.

User: Authority - Templates/Custom Views update: The User Authority previously named Templates/Custom Views was not working as expected. This resulted in Users still being able to edit/add/delete all Custom Views when this Authority was set to No.

As such, we have now split this Authority into 2 and renamed the previously known Authority (Templates/Custom Views) to Document Templates, and created a new Authority labelled Custom Views.

The workflow for these authorities is outlined below:

Document Templates Authority:

  • Set to NO: No access to Document Templates.
  • Set to YES: Document Template access - Add/Edit/Delete/Rename.

Custom Views Authority:

  • Set to NO: Ability to view ALL Custom Views. NO ability to Add/Edit/Delete/Rename any Custom Views.
  • Set to YES: Ability to view ALL Custom Views. Ability to Add/Edit/Delete/Rename ALL Custom Views.

NOTE: Document Template Authority values remain in their current state (set to Yes or No), where the newly added Authority (Custom Views) value will default to No for All users, and will need to be set individually by an Admin user.

Doc templates - Custom views.png

PAL Holidays: Guests - Merge Fields and Document Templates: Our PAL Holidays clients now have the ability to merge a document through to their guests (individually), via email and correspondence.

Functions added are outlined below:

  • Create a new Document Template type for guests

  • Use Guest merge fields within these Document Templates

  • Merge a Document Template via the individual guest record > Email option

  • Merge a Document Template via Correspondence in a property diary for a current guest

  • Merge a Document Template via Email in a property diary for a current guest

Dashboard: Property Charges - Restrict bulk processing to batches of 200: Within the Property Charges tab on the dashboard, we will now restrict bulk processing/forwarding of charges to no more than 200 at one time. Please note, this is an interim solution to a rather large issue. The standard options you are used to will make a return soon. The bulk select options you will now see are as below.

  • All (Top 200) - This will select the top 200 charges in your list, a combination of both chargeable and insufficient
  • Chargeable (Top 200) - This will select the top 200 chargeable charges in your list
  • Insufficient (Top 200) - This will select the top 200 insufficient funds charges in your list 



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid October 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Social Housing - Rent handling (NZ)
  • Embedded Entity reports
  • Global Search function
  • Owner Invoices
  • Automatically generate Tenant Receipts


What we fixed

PAL Holidays: Host Notes character limit increase: The Host Notes field within a PAL Holidays property guest record previously had a character limit of 255. This field will now support up to 2000 characters.

Work Orders: Changes not reflected on main page: Users will no longer need to refresh an individual property or supplier work order list when a change is made to an existing work order. Any saved changes made to a work order will now be reflected in the work order list right away as expected.

PAL Holidays: Rename bulk Owner report menu item: Bulk Owner Report menu item, previously labeled Owner Statements (Holiday), has now been renamed to Owner Statements (Holiday) Review to reflect the functionality.

Dashboard: Reminders Count: We have corrected the initial load count on the Reminders tab on the dashboard. Users can now expect to see accurate counts in all instances.

Transactions: Owner split payment not working in online file generation: In very specific scenarios, the online file generation for Owners set to split payment was not working correctly. We have now fixed this so that online files generated for split payment owners will be generated accurately every time.

Entity: Merge Field - GST Exempt: The Owner field - GST Exempt, is now available as a merge field for use in Custom Views and Document Templates.

Dashboard: Rent Review Reminders - Changes not recording in changelog (on edit/process): When a rent review is edited/processed from the Reminder tab on the dashboard, the change log will now record the changes made to the old/next rent review date as expected.

Advertising: Error with TradeMe upload on property with missing required fields: Previously, when a user attempted to upload a property from Palace to TradeMe and some of the required fields, such as the Date Available were missing, Palace displayed a warning to prompt the user to add the missing information. However, after adding the required fields and attempting to upload the property to TradeMe, Palace incorrectly displayed the option to "update" TradeMe instead of initiating a new upload. We will now handle this scenario correctly, and Users can expect to see 'Upload to TradeMe'.

PAL Holidays: Owner Statements - Truncate opening balance breakdown: The opening balance breakdown displayed on the PAL Holidays Owner Statement will now be truncated and will display the relevant transactions from the month prior.

Inspections: Forward and back slash characters within image names: When manually adding an image, or manually editing an image name within an Inspection in the property diary, we will now be replacing '/' and '\' characters with a hyphen. This is to mitigate issues with images being automatically deselected when generating the inspection report.

Bank Import: Improve efficiency in matching Tenant/Owner: When selecting to Match Tenant or Owner within the bank import, your cursor will now go directly into the Select a tenancy/owner field. This will allow users to immediately input tenant/owner details without the need for an extra click.

PAL Holidays: Guest check in/out dates displayed on receipting: Within the Receipt Holiday Guest Multiple transaction we will now display the Guests check in & out dates for easy identification.

Guest dates.png

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