How to add Insulation information and Create a report?

For any tenancies commencing after 1 July 2016 you will need to record what properties have insulation and smoke alarms.
So first of all you will need to setup- A new Custom field for Properties should be set up - call it "Insulation" This can be found in (System Setup - Custom fields Properties and another one named Smoke Alarms.) I would make them both text then you can enter in any dates or further information in as per required.
then, Save
Now For each property, in the edit screen then Options tab, enter the Insulation information (on left hand side) - note that this will only take 20 characters, so you can enter "Exempt", "No Insulation", or "Complies". If the property complies, the extra info like location, type and condition can be entered in property notes. This is the same for Smoke Alarms.
Now that is the information recorded against each property
So no you want to keep an up to date record of theses fields you have just created;
A Custom View can then be set up for all properties showing the Insulation info, which can be printed as required.
To create the Custom view, 
Click on the arrow next to Properties
Select Custom Setup
Press New and enter a name for this report eg. Insulation, Smoke Alarms, Save
Now scroll through the list and use the arrows in the middle to move the merge fields over to the other column like below:
Now Save & Close
To view the report now go back to the arrow next properties
Select the name of the report you have just created, this should then load your report.
Note: please repeat steps for setting up another report eg. Smoke Alarms then your have an individual report for each criteria but you can combine the two if you like.
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