Reports for the 5 different areas of where a property manager can be allocated?

Palace caters for 5 areas where a property manager (Agent) can be allocated
1. Owner Primary Agent. In Palace, an owner has one point of contact - this is called the Primary Agent. The Property List screen shows the primary agent, but this is not necessarily the property manager of properties owned by the owner. Monthend statistics reports are usually based on the primary agent. Other reports based on the Primary Agent are:
  • Owner  - All reports
  • Tenant - Tenant Aged Analysis
  • Tenant - Bond Held report
  • Tenant - Diary Group report
  • Tenant - Letting Fee not fully Paid
  • Tenant - Other Amounts (Tracked)
  • Tenant - Other Amounts Owing
  • Tenant - Planned Rent Changes
  • Tenant - Rent in Advance
  • Tenant - Transaction Ledger
  • Properties - Diary Group report
  • Properties - Property Fees report
  • Properties - Key List
  • Properties - Property New
  • Properties - Property Transaction Ledger
  • Properties - Works Orders
2. The Property manager of the property is stored in the Options tab of the property record. This area actually caters for more than one property manager for a single property, allowing for the possibility of sharing commissions between more than one agent (if agents earn commissions on the fees collected). The following reports use this property manager, rather than the primary agent.
  • Tenant - Bond Not Fully Paid
  • Tenant - Fixed Tenancy Ending report
  • Tenant - List
  • Tenant - Movement report
  • Tenant - Overdue Rent
  • Tenant - Refunds Due report
  • Tenant - Total Amounts Owing
  • Properties - Available (Detailed)
  • Properties - Combined Management
  • Properties - Property List
  • Properties - Property Rent Changes
3. Publish Agent. The Publish area of the property caters for the same or a different person to be responsible for advertising a property. This is the person transferred to web sites to which enquiries should be directed. One report is based on this field.
  • Properties - Available (Grid)
4. Inspection Agent. Inspections can be allocated to any person who may be responsible for doing inspections. One report is based on this field.
  • Properties - Property Inspections report
5. Contact Agent - The "View - Contacts" area allows users to enter contacts not associated with a property. An Agent can be allocated to a contact, and mail merges can be done by agent to a group of contacts.


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