Version 6.171



  • You can now choose whether to email the attached scanned invoice to the tenant/creditor on charge tenant debts and works orders
  • The system will automatically create an invoice upon receipting into a ledger through Receipt tenant multiple
  • The second reference on a Tenant invoice has now been changed to tenant code
  • Occupancy report will now read from date available not date started
  • Charge tenant debit remittances will save to the email log and diary if emailed
  • If you send an email and change the agent it will now send from that agent not the logged in agent
  • Bar code scanning invoices will now have a tick box to add the due date
  • Change log will now record if you take the owner off hold
  • Rental amount will not update in the publish tab when changed on a tenant if date available is ticked
  • Planned Rent Change will advanced the date for the next change by 60days plus 4 working days for postage
  • Tenancy custom fields are now available in mail merge and custom views
  • If your on the advanced key system, you can now get a key history report and a current key list if needed
  • We have added some new custom view fields
  1. Tenant Group Effective Paid to Date
  2. Tenant Group Bond Paid
  3. Tenant Group Bond Outstanding
  4. Tenant Group Invoice Media
  5. Creditor GST Number
  6. Creditor Insurance Policy Number
  7. Creditor Insurance Expiry Date
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