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Want to take a look at the New Palace (Palace Liquid)? Check out the demo dates in the Palace Liquid Webinar list.


Recorded Webinars

To watch one of the recorded webinars, click on the link (webinar name) and a new webpage will open. Enter your details and the webinar will display to watch immediately.

End of Financial Year (NZ)This webinar will show you how to generate and send End of Financial Year Statements to your owners in Palace Live/Server.

AdvertisingSetting up the Palace advertising information to work for Flyers and Available property reports. Creating your own window cards, etc. Follow the steps to upload your properties to various websites, learn how to control your information.

Bond Payments, Receipts and RefundsThis session will cover the Bonds process. Learn about Bond Payments, Receipting of Bonds and also how to handle any refunds in Palace Live.

Creditors and Work OrdersThis training looks at all the creditor functions - From setting up the creditor right through to works orders; processing invoices through to paying creditors. This will cover the new features of repetitive invoices, part payment invoices and priority payments.

Custom ViewsThis webinar will take you through the custom view area in Palace Live.

DiaryThe Diary area in Palace is very comprehensive, it is a document management system. Learn how to use the full functionality of the diary and how to use the diary to improve communication within your company.

End of Financial YearThis webinar will show you how to generate, check and send End of Financial Year Statements to your owners

HousekeepingIn order for Palace to work at its best, it must be "cleaned" regularly. This session will look at the reports and areas of Palace that it is important to keep track of to make sure that the information in Palace is correct and up to date.

Inspection ProcessLearn how to set up your inspection templates - Full and Routine for use on your device.  Learn how to create and amend inspection dates in Palace and process your inspection charges. Note: this training does not cover the use of the inspection app.

Month EndSetting up Month End to work for you, A look at each step in the Wizard. An explanation of the reports that are generated. What reports need to be checked prior to Month End.

Owner Letting FeesThis training will take you through how to charge owner letting fees in Palace Server/Live. With the legislation change that took effect for NZ in December 2018,  we updated our settings to allow you to charge the property a letting fee (and report on it), rather than charging the tenant. We will take you through the different ways to charge an owner letting fee, and for those of you that do not want to call the charge a 'letting fee,' we will show you how to do this too.

Reconciliation and Trust AccountingHow should a trust account work, how important is the bank reconciliation and how does it work? Come and learn what you should know and how important dates are. Using Palace Live

Rent Arrears and Tribunal ReportsUnderstanding Rent Arrears in Palace. How to read the Rent Overdue Report, A look at the Rent Summary, Tenant Details Report and the Calculator for taking to Tribunal. Looking at what options you have for rent arrears settings. Also looking at the new smart view feature.

ReportsThere are a lot of Reports in Palace. Take this opportunity to learn about the Owner, Property and Tenant reports that are available.

TransactionsThis training will take you through generating singles transactions in the transaction area on Palace Live. Each function will be explained so that you can understand what it does and the best way to use it.


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