How can I fix the alignment dates of my Rental

Sometimes a tenant may have started their tenancy on a Monday so the expected rent period will be

Monday to Sunday.

But then the tenant changes the day they want to pay to a Wednesday, they pay you the couple of

days rent but this does not change the paid to date so they keep showing two days in arrears.

Follow the steps below to put dates into alignment. Always better if this can be done from the

beginning of the tenancy.

Moving Tenant from Monday to Wednesday $440.00 a week

1) Go to Tenant Edit screen, click on Options.

2) In the rent Change area, you will see the original rent, click on Add, Add a new rent, same

full amount

for example: There will be one there on the 13th May (Monday) and now you add one 15th

May (Wednesday) $440.00

3) IF IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A TENANCY: then add one for the next Monday for $440.00, then

add another one for the Wednesday of $440.00

4) Palace will take the next two rent receipts to get this correct as it has to do the adjustment

and then it will be fine.

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