How to remove "pending Invoices" off an Owners Statment

This means there is an invoice pending in the Creditors diary

The best thing to do is to find it and delete the charge that's sitting in the creditors diary.

To know which charge that needs to be deleted, you will find all the details on the owner statement
There is an Invoice number- Creditors Name, the amount and the date it was created.
If it doesn't show you best thing to do is take note of the transaction number and search for it in the transaction history area.
Then go to the creditors diary and filter by date
Find the date of the charge and then double-click to open up the charge
Make sure that this is the charge that needs to be deleted by comparing the information you noted down.
Then close out and right click, select delete
This will now be deleted and removed off the owners statement
(Note any previous owner statements that have been generated will still have this note at the bottom as the statements have been generated already, but any future statements will no longer have this message)
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