How to Change your Owner Statement to show the month end payment?

First things first....


Go to File- System Set Up

Then click on the ... (next to Month End Options)

Highlight Owners Statements - Using the arrows move it to AFTER the owner payments

Click Save and close


Now the next thing you need to do, to complete the setup....


Go to Owner Reports


Select Owner- Statement Run-Chose any month (doesn't matter we are not processing anything)


Then select Options


Under the section that says Statement- Wording options, You will see one that says Accounts Overdrawn/Zero Balance


Change the wording there to "closing balance for the month" OR something similar

Click Close

NOTE: Now that you pressed close this will save your changes you have just made.


Now if you go into an Owners Statement, You will see your text you have just entered.

Just like the following example below.


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