Version 6.167


Owner Edit Screen: Option to hide “Bank Account No” from the Owner statement.

Import Bank Area: Tenant code can now be typed into the Tenant Search area – by right clicking and choosing this option

Tenant Edit Screen: When Adding or vacating a tenant, a new prompt to delete or add an inspection

Charge Tenant Debit: Due date is a compulsory field, can be overtyped or picks up from the setting in System Set Up.

Receipt Tenant Multiple: Now allows for more than one Owner Charge

Import Bank Statement: Can now receipt to Fee Ledger and assign to existing invoice

Custom Views: New fields available: Property Custom Fields, Bank Name, Bank Branch and Owner Property Count




Receipt – Tenant Multiple:  You can now select a Ledger when choosing Receipt to Ledger.

Tenant Debt: When moving a Tenant to the Debt list, the Property is kept active now.

Diary: External File – When editing this entry, the “Online Check Box” was unticking, this has been sorted

Palace Word: - You can now print Double sided

Property Transfer Wizard: New Owner Bank Account is now linked to the Property

Property Transfer Wizard: Now takes into consideration the start date on a future tenants

Report – Statistics Portfolio – Calculation for outstanding work orders, now DOES NOT include Quotes Declined or Work Cancelled.

Report – Ledger Fee Summary – The Admin column at the top of the page, now matches the Admin column at the bottom of the page.

Repetitive Invoices: The original Attached Invoice will now go with each repetitive invoice.

Transactions: When you have an unticked transaction on the Transaction list, you can now right click and delete and it will only delete the unticked transactions.

Email Forwarding: It now drops the CC and BCC from original Email

Creditor Edit Screen: Include Alternate Address tick box shows again

Global Filter: - Was reverting back but now stays on screen

Shortcut keys: CTL + C for copy has now been fixed

Report: Ledger Details Report- now has an opening and running balances column for any report run by Transaction number.

Report: Tenant Other Amount Report: now shows the Non Tracked Invoices again at bottom of report.

Report: Bank Reconciliation Summary Report- now matches the Audit Trail Reports Total

Transactions: When doing a refund rent transaction, the Tenant Bank account now shows on the Unprocessed Transaction Report.

Custom View: Now Property Code is linked to Property Code and not User code

Reinstating Old Tenants: If the tenant owes, the amount will now show on the Tenant List






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