How to reset your Inspection App Password

(Note: you will require the system password for the first step)

Go to Agents tab-(enter the system password) Right click on your name select authentication Ilink reset and then save, close this screen

Now go to:

Go to Control - Property Inspections - Click on filter - top right hand side and choose Agent
Select your name from the list and click on the > button
Click on the Green tick, to select all your properties

Note: you can just select the properties that are due for inspection or you can upload the whole lot. We suggest uploaded all your properties as you will then have all the contact information as well as the Tenant Paid to Dates for their rent.

Click on Export Mobile Information

Make sure iPad/iPhone is selected and click Export

A screen will appear asking you to accept the terms and enter in a user name and password.

Username is your email address and the password can be of your choice

(These are the ones that will be used to log into the Device)
Click OK, then back on the export screen - click on Export.
Once the Export is completed, it will tell you so on the screen.

Go to your Device and click on the Palace App, log in using your new username and password.

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