Version 6.16



When adding or vacating a tenant you will now get a prompt to add or delete the property inspection.

The Ledger Fee Summary Report now shows number of transactions for each ledger.

Advertising Fields in the Publish tab (under property) are now under their own separate tabs to allow more room.

Advertising Images now import at Higher resolution 1024 x 768

Tenant Payment Type on the tenant edit screen: This is an Authority now, go to Agents and turn it off or on for each person.

Transactions Bond Payments: This screen now shows the Property Address as well.

Bond Cheque will now print with the correct Bond Authority depending on state. Update this in the File – System Set Up area on the menu bar (click on the Tenancy Services Address option).

Transaction History Tab now shows the Primary Agent name.

Global Search now active on Home Screen for Reminders, Invoices, Charges, Owners, Properties and Tenants:


When the Global Filter is used, Palace searches across all data whether it's a tenant name, owner name or property address.

Unpaid Creditors Report now also shows pending invoices.

Audit Banking Report: Now when you view or Print, it will ask you to clear or keep the banking. This now allows for someone to check it and it won’t clear down.

Palace Word: Error with double-sided printing corrected.

Tenancy Rent Change: The Property Rent will NOT update when a tenant has a rent change IF the property is currently available and being advertised.

Cheque Printing: Will now allow Owner Payments as well.

Bank Reconciliation: When viewing a batch, you can now sort by columns.

Bank Reconciliation: The Summary Report is now a Daily Summary Report.

Bank Reconciliation: Once you balance, you will now get a prompt to print certain reports.

Tenant Edit Screen and Tenant Details area: You can now see the property Managers name on these screens




Bank Recon Summary and Audit Trail Reports match, but you must order the report by transactions number.

Owner Statement Summary 1: Inspection Fees now show in the Owner Summary Fees.

Transfer Function for Property: Now moves the Advertising and Images.

Transfer Function for Property: Now moves all sub-tenants and their details.

Email: Spell check now includes the Subject Line

Owner Portal: Statement description and Transaction Descriptions have been updated to show only the information needed. The transaction tab now shows the Creditor name.

Property Inspection Report: You can now just sort by Grid only.

Fee Projection Report: Now when you pick a date range the summary at the back changes accordingly.

External File: If you edited the file (Opened it) the Online tick to the Owner Portal was unticking, this has been fixed.

Large Portfolio Statement: Now shows creditor name and then description.

Ledger Fees Details Report: All columns are now exclusive of GST.

Repetitive Invoices: All Invoices marked High are now staying at High and not reverting to medium.

Property Won and Lost Report was only recording the Lost Properties and not the Won when the Transfer function was used, this has been sorted.

Transaction: Multiple: Total at the Top was not calculating correctly, this has been fixed.

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