How to configure an Inspection on the Apple App

Configuring Inspections

Each property needs to have the inspection template tailored to suit the particular property.

E.G If the template is 6 bedrooms and the property is only 2 bedrooms, you can delete the unwanted rooms,

You can also add rooms and change the order of the rooms so they appear in the order that you walk through the property.

Hint: This is a great job to do sitting in front of the TV at night. as it will take a long time if you did it at each property.

Instructions -

  • Configuring Inspections In the Palace App, find the property, click on Configure Inspections Use the Rooms Edit button to alter the room configuration To duplicate a room with all it's features, touch the room.
  • To delete a room, click on the red minus symbol 
  • To add a new room, click the green + symbol 
  • Use the grey bars on the right to drag a room up or down to put it in the order you walk through the property.
  • Click Done when you are finished Within a room, touch a feature to rename it or set it for Full, Routine or Both The Feature Edit button allows you to delete, duplicate or add a feature - as for rooms.
  • Click Done when you are finished.

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