How do I fix my Owners that are getting Blank Emails with no Username or Password

So you have finished generating your usernames and password and you have tried to send your owners or Tenants their new Login details for the owner portal-

But owners or Tenants have come back saying that the email came through with blank details for there login.


This means that the merge field in the "Default Wording" in the options screen of the Owner Portal haven't been put in.

So in either the owner passwords or Tenant's passwords screen- Select the Envelope


This screen will pop up:

Now this screen at the bottom tells you what the merge fields should be 


Enter the merge fields in the body of the email next to Username and Password 


As you can see in this image above this shows you how the merge fields should look like in your Default Email area.


(Note: at the bottom of this image you will see highlighted, instructions informing you what you need to do with the Login Details)


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