iOS Mobile Update - v1.0.6

August 2023 | New Video Inspection workflow and Enhanced settings

What's New?

YouTube Defaults: We are excited to introduce a convenient way to manage your video inspections! Within the settings tab, you will now find a dedicated section called 'YouTube Defaults.' This section allows you to streamline your video-uploading process with the following features:

  • Use default Title & Description: By default, the app automatically populates the title and description of your video inspections with the property address. However, you now have the flexibility to customize the title and description as per your preference by simply toggling this setting off.

  • Visibility: We have enhanced the visibility settings for your video inspections. Previously, all inspections were set to 'Unlisted' by default. Now, you have the power to choose between 'Private' and 'Public' uploads, granting you more control over who can access your content.

Updated 'About' page: This page includes our privacy policy and terms of use documentation, ensuring transparency and easy access to essential information.


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