How to Upload your inspections to Palace on the computer

Exporting from the iPad and Importing the Inspections back to Palace Once you have finished all your inspections they need to be exported from your iPad and imported back into Palace.

You just need a wi-fi connection for this. Instructions - Exporting and Importing the


  •  In the iPad, click on "Uploads" (Back on the menu screen) 
  • All the inspections that you have just done today will be showing on the screen 
  • Click on Edit and select the ones you want to export 
  • Select all the inspections that you want and click on Upload (Bottom of screen). 
  • It will show a progress circle - wait until finished 

Note: It may take a while depending on the amount of photos that you have taken 

  • When completed, you can close out
  •  In Palace - Control Property (Inspections) 
  • Click on Import Inspections - make sure iPad/iPhone is selected and click on Import 
  • The Inspections will now download into Palace 
  • Editing and Sending the Inspection Report You can edit the report either in the Control Property Inspections

Import area or in the Property Diary. We are going to follow the instruction below from the Import Mobile Inspection area. So complete the instructions above, then...

  • In the Import Inspection area,
  • click on the property,
  • right click and choose Edit Inspection You will see a list of all your rooms etc,

you can edit the statuses by highlighting the feature 

  • right clicking 

This will allow you to select another feature. To add or edit a comment, highlight the room and feature on the left hand side and then simply start typing on the right hand side.

Clicking on the Images tab will allow you to see the photos you have taken. They will be named after the room they were taken in.


Note: You can rename the photo by clicking in the yellow folder down the bottom, find the photo and right click and rename

Note: You can add photos to this report that were taken from a digital camera by clicking on the paperclip, browse to where they have been saved and pick them up.

  • Click on the Notes Tab, you can add notes here that will appear at the bottom of the report just before the photos.
  • There is also a place for the Disclaimer, this will appear at the bottom of the report and only needs to be set up once to show on all the Inspection Reports (see frequently asked questions FAQ for examples)
  • At the top of the screen you can change the date to the date you did the inspection if that is not today's date.
  • At the bottom of the screen is the "Online" button, select this if you wish this inspection to be uploaded to the Palace Information Centre (Owner's log in area)
  • When finished click on the Email or Printer at the top of the screen - Clicking on the Printer will allow you to preview the report, which is always a good idea.

REMEMBER: You still need to go to Reminders and process and charge the inspections, see the Inspection Help File for this.

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