How to Understand the Functions on the Apple Inspection Application

Functions on the Inspection Application:

While the primary function of the Inspection app is to conduct inspections, you can also access owner, property, tenant and creditor information. The app performs in much the same way Palace does.

You have an owner list, which in turn shows you the properties that you manage for each owner (as well as providing contact details), the property list which displays the owner and tenant in that property, and the tenant list. You can click on any of the lists to get started.

If you want to conduct a property inspection, you need to start by touching the property button. The Inspections button is only used to view, upload or delete finished or partially finished inspections.

Owner List You can use your finger to scroll up and down the owner list. When you touch an owner name, the details on the right-hand side of the screen change to display the details of that owner. You can also use the search function at the top of the list to search for particular owners. If you touch the email address, then a menu appears which asks if you want to send an email to the owner. If you are running this on the iPhone, and you touch a phone number, then you have the option to call or send a text message as well. If you touch one of the properties that you manage for the owner, then you are taken to the property list.


NOTE: That text messages and emails done on the iPhone do NOT get saved back in Palace.


Property List The property list behaves in the same way that the owner and tenant lists do. The main difference being that the details area of the screen are different. In this example, we can see who the owner of this property is, but there is no tenant which would otherwise appear below the owner name. From this screen you can either commence the inspection of the property, configure the inspection, do a video inspections, see the disbursement level and create a works order.

  •  If you touch the property address next to the image of the map, then a menu appears with the options to view a map of where the property is, or to get directions.
  •  If you touch the View Map option, then you are able to get back to the property by clicking the word Back.
  •  If you touch the Get Directions option, then the mobile device will open the Google Maps program. Because this is a separate app, you cannot click the Back button. Instead you will need to double-click the iPad or iPhone button (there is only 1 button), which will allow you to go back to the Palace App.


New Inspection: This will bring up the old inspection ready for you to override New Empty Inspection: This will bring you up a completely empty inspection, it will delete any old information. It will warn you so make sure this is really what you want to do.


Configure Inspection: When you enter in a new property, you should always configure your template to match this property. See more information on this below New Video Inspection: Click on this to do a video inspection - More instructions below Disbursements: This will let you know if the owner has a limit on the amount of money you can spend without letting him know, this feeds from the Property edit screen in Palace. New Works Order: You can create a works order for this property and it will be printed or emailed in Palace.


Tenant List The tenant list shows basic information relating to each tenant in your portfolio. Specifically you can see the rent rate, rental period, the start date and paid-to date of each tenancy. This information updates the next time you export from Palace and sync again.


Creditor List The last available list on the app is unrelated to the owners, properties or tenants. It is the creditors (or tradespeople) available to you. The information is provided to help you get the contact details of tradespeople for required maintenance.



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