How to read and understand the settings area in the Apple Inspection App

Settings on the Device Under “Settings” on the particular device you are using you will see the following selections

  1. Sign in Automatically: This saves you from signing in each time, but you must have a password on your device otherwise the security is at risk
  2. Save to Camera Roll: This will allow the photos to save on to your device to be used later, it means if there is any problems with the report or uploading you will always have a copy.
  3. YouTube Sign in: See separate part below on how to set this up.
  4. Sync: If the automatic sync did not work when you did an export from Palace, you can click this and it will check for things that have changed and upload them for you
  5. Force Sync: It is a bit different from above it is basically like a reset and will update all the date - takes longer
  6. Delete Map Cache: When a property is entered on the App, it downloads the address details from Google Maps, but because Google Maps do updates from time to time. It is a good idea to delete the map cache every now and then to get the udpated maps Send Support
  7. Email: This will send an email direct to our support team

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