How to Set up the Template for Inspection App

Instructions - Set up Template for Inspection App The Template is the most important part of the set up for the App. Time needs to be spent on this, it is set up per company and not per user, so a company decision needs to be made. It is a hassle to have to change the Template in the future.


When setting the Template, plan it around your largest property as it is much easier to delete rooms on the App than it is to add rooms.

You can set up Full and Routine Templates, start with the Full, so it is as large as you need it and then you duplicate the rooms and just delete and change type to make it into a Routine Inspection.

  •  In Palace, go to Control (top of screen)
  •  Click on Control - Property Inspections.
  •  Click on "Setup Inspection Template"
  •  Click on the drop down arrow next to Template (over the right hand side at the top) and select the Mobile Template (iPad and iPhone)
  •  You will be presented with a default template that can be changed. If a list does not show, click on Reset Template (Default)
  •  Click on the + symbol, next to a room and a list of "Features" will appear



By default, each feature will have the word "Both" next to them. (A blue and Green arrow also shows) This means that this feature will show on the Full Inspection (Condition) and the Routine Inspection.


If you only want a certain feature to appear on your Full Inspection, then right click and go down to Type, choose "Full"


NOTE: If you have both arrows on a feature, the one that was used for the Full Inspection will be overridden each time you do a routine inspection.

If you want your full inspection to be kept completely separate from the routine so that the entry is only used again when doing an exit inspection then you must duplicate each room

  • i.e Front External -right click and duplicate, rename the new one Front External* then go through the features and right click and make it full, do the same to the old room and make it routine.
  • To add a new room, highlight an existing room, right click and choose "Duplicate" - This will give you a whole new room with all the features.
  • Highlight the new room, right click and click on rename - Give the room a new name To add a new feature,
  • highlight a feature and right click - Choose new feature, give it a name.
  • Keep going until you have all the rooms and features added that you need.
  • You can re-order a room or features by clicking on it and then dragging to where you want it to be.


A further Note: Make your template is as large as you can, including both indoor and outdoor areas, you can customize to suit each property on the iPad.

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