Email Options within Palace

Palace can be configured to allow emails sent from within Palace, to be received back into Palace AND forwarded to your default email inbox. Note that there is no charge for setting this up in PalaceLive, however a new program install is required for Palace server users and a charge is involved. The way in which we do this, is by setting up a new unique email domain for your company. 
For example, if your name was George Smith and you worked for a company called FastPM, then your email address may look like We would setup a unique domain that would look like this:
When George sends an email from within Palace, the customer would receive an email. The name of the sender would be George Smith, but the ‘from’ address would be:
When the customer responds to the email, it will be linked back into the diary of the customer in Palace (so both sent and received emails can be seen) and will also be forwarded to the George’s main email inbox (eg, in Outlook). The advantage of this is that as a property manager, you are able to see that a tenant/owner has replied to an email either in Outlook or on your phone, and that email would ALSO be in Palace for later reference if needed. Property managers are able to reply either via their default email client (eg. Outlook) or from Palace.
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