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The Palace Owner Portal (Version 2) is a secure website designed exclusively for owners, providing them convenient access to their personal information. Through this portal, Owners can easily view their general portfolio details, monthly and year-end statements, transactions, invoices, diary entries, and any externally uploaded documents.

To access the portal, owners can log in directly via a unique URL or through your company's website using their email address and password. Rest assured that all information and the website itself are fully secure.

Once an owner sets up their account they can log in to the portal and access the dashboard, where their personalized information awaits.

Note: If your Palace database is still using the older version of the owner portal you can upgrade to the new owner portal before reading further.


When your owners log into the owner portal, they'll see a welcome message from you. On this page, they can also check the contact information you have for them. It's a good idea to verify or update it if necessary.

Note: If you have an owner with multiple records in your database, but they use the same email address for the portal, the dashboard will display information from the first activated record. Any additional properties associated with each version will appear under the portfolio section.

An owner can set their theme via the Sun icon in the top right corner - this converts the display between light and dark.

Dashboard Use this.png

For owners who are associated with multiple Palace databases, we've added a convenient feature. With just a few clicks, owners can switch between databases and manage their portfolios with ease. Click on the menu located at the top right-hand corner of the window.

Profile Switch.png


At the end of every month (or mid-month, depending on your workflow), owner statements are produced in Palace. These will be available to each owner under the statements page, where they can be downloaded as and when required.



Here an owner will be given an overview of their portfolio in tile and list views. The information displayed here consists of linked bank account details, opening/current balances, along with management and maintenance fee percentages.

Portfolio 1.png


Portfolio 2.png


Transactions related to an owner's portfolio are displayed here, separated by property if there is more than one. Transaction types displayed include receipts, charges, invoices, and payments.



This area can contain copies of supplier invoices, inspection reports, diary notes, and any other information that the property manager uploads via the property diary. If it is a file, it can be downloaded as and when required.


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