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The Palace Owner Portal (Version 2) is a secure website exclusively designed for owners, providing them easy access to view and manage their personal information.

This article covers:

How it works

Owners can access a wide range of information through the portal, including their general portfolio details, monthly statements, year-end statements, transactions, invoices, diary entries, and any externally uploaded documents.

To log in, owners have the option to access the website directly via https://portal.getpalace.com/Account/Login or through your company website (contact support for your unique link). To log in they will use the email address you have in Palace and a password that they create themselves.

Rest assured that both the information and the website itself are completely secure, safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of our valued Owners.

Set up wizard

To activate and set up the Owner Portal (Version 2) in Palace, you can utilize the built-in wizard, which makes the process seamless. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to the System > Client Portal
  • In the top right corner, click on Upgrade to NEW Portal.

Upgrade to new portal.png

  • Select this and you will be presented with the first step in the wizard.
  • Please ensure you read and understand all of the information displayed in the first step.

Step 1.PNG

  • Within the first step, you will be prompted to set up your Owner Portal activation email template. This is the email that gets sent out to your Owners once they are activated. Please ensure you take the time to set this up as required.
  • Once you have customized your Owner Portal activation email template, proceed to the second step by selecting Next.
  • The second step displays an overview of what will be available to you in terms of customization, proceed to the next part of this step by selecting Next.
  • This is where you set your customization, please refer to the breakdown of each area below:

Introduction - Set a welcome message - Personalize the welcome message that owners will see when they access the portal for the first time.

Office Logo - We may need to assist you with creating one in the right size - the size is 1080 X 80). You can drag and drop it in.

Default 'External Files' to be included in portal? (Yes / No) - When External Files are added to a Property Diary, setting this option to Yes means the 'Include in Portal' toggle on these entries will automatically default to Yes, resulting in these entries being available in the portal.

Default 'Document Invoices' to be included in portal (Yes / No) - When Invoice Documents are added to a Property Diary, setting this option to Yes means the 'Include in Portal' toggle on these entries will automatically default to Yes, resulting in these entries being available in the portal.

Step 2a.PNG

  • The third step is the confirmation step - selecting Activate within this step will deactivate all of your Owners currently set up to use the Owner Portal (Version 1).

Step 3.png

Activating/deactivating owners

When you start using the Owner Portal, you can choose to activate specific owners or all of them at once.

Once activated, an email will be automatically sent to verify their email address and set up their account.


  • After clicking Verify a new window will appear to confirm details and create a password


The activation email will be sent to the email address(es) displayed on the Owner Access tab in the client portal area. As soon as you activate an owner, they'll have live access to the site.

To activate an Owner

  • Go to the System > Client Portal
  • Select the owners to whom you wish to have access
  • Click on Activate


  • The activation email will auto-send to the selected owners

Note: If an owner has multiple profiles with the same email address in your database, each profile is treated separately in the Owner Portal. You can activate one profile at a time, showing only the information for that specific profile. Or you can activate all profiles, giving the owner access to all their information.

To de-activate an Owner:

  • Go to the System > Client Portal
  • Select the owners that you wish to de-activate


  • Click on Disable

Additional information

  • Your Unique Portal Link - Once you have successfully activated the new Owner Portal, you can easily locate your unique portal link within the Settings section. To utilize this link, simply provide it to your web development team. They can seamlessly integrate it into your website, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for your owners.
  • If an owner cannot sign into the portal, request them to select the Forgot Password option displayed on the Owner Portal sign-in page, and advise them to follow the prompts to successfully reset their password.

Forgot password.png

What's next

Check out the help file for all the details on how the owner portal (version 2) functionality works.

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