4th August 2023 | New Owner Portal, Support Agency Merge Fields, Ledger Report updates and more....

Feature Summary

New Owner Portal: At long last, the newest addition to Palace is here - a new Owner Portal!

NOTE: Help articles on how to set up and use the new Owner Portal in Palace are below:

Owner Portal (Version 2) - Set up & Activation

Owner Portal (Version 2) - Functionality

Privacy Policy | Terms of Use: We have made some quick and seamless updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documentation, both of which can easily be accessed on our login page.

Support Agencies - Merge Fields: Following the release of Support Agencies last month, we are excited to introduce merge fields that empower you to create personalized reports and document templates for bulk emails and SMS. Here is a comprehensive list of all the merge fields now available to you:

Title, Sort code, First name, Last name, Dear, Initials, Agency name, Postal address, (Ph) Home, (Ph) Work, (Ph) Mobile, Fax, Primary email, Secondary email, Alternate address, Start Date, End Date, User Code, Internal Code, Notes, Agency Description, Agency Type, Service Types

Reports - Ledger Fee Detail & Summary (Multiple changes): We have made a couple of enhancements to our Ledger Fee reports, both in the Detail and Summary views. Please find the details of these changes below:

  • NEW Filter to capture maintenance fees

When generating the Ledger Fee Detail or Summary, you will now notice a new toggle option labeled "Split flat maintenance fees." This toggle enables the inclusion of a new column in your Ledger Fee report, showcasing all transactions with applied flat maintenance fees.

  • Missing GST Ledger (Summary)

We have resolved an issue where the GST Ledger was not being displayed in the Ledger Fee Summary report if no "Payment Ledger" transactions were processed during a specific period or within the working month. This issue has been addressed, and the GST Ledger will now be visible as expected.



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid September 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Realestate.co.nz integration update
  • Social Housing - Rent handling (NZ)


What we fixed

General - Padding in the top navigation bar: Previously, when using smaller or zoomed-up screens, the icons in the top navigation bar would disappear. We have rectified this issue, and the icons will now remain visible and properly aligned, regardless of your screen/window size.

Reports - Holiday Statements: We have enhanced our PAL Holidays workflow to ensure that statements are generated for all owners with properties set to the PAL Holidays management group, regardless of the payout figure. Previously, the system only generated statements for positive payout balances, resulting in missing statements for some owners.

With this update, during bulk payout (Payment Owner Holiday generated), a statement will be generated for each current owner in the PAL Holidays management group, irrespective of whether the payout balance is positive, negative, or zero. This improvement aims to provide a more comprehensive and ideal solution, eliminating the issue of missing statements.

Reports - Owner Statement (Large Portfolio Portrait & Large Portfolio B Portrait): We have addressed an issue where the 'Total Keepback Amounts' on owner statements did not include keepbacks on properties with no transactions in the current month. This could lead to a discrepancy between the total paid to an owner and the Summary displayed on their statement, resulting in client confusion. This issue has been resolved, ensuring accurate and consistent information on owner statements.

Reports - Custom Views (PDF Report): We have made an improvement to our custom view PDF reports to display them in landscape format instead of portrait. This change ensures that the information is presented in a user-friendly manner, making it easier to read and comprehend.

Advertising - Trade Me (Web Publish Agent): We've made some updates to the Trade Me advertisements to ensure the correct publish agent is pushed through to Trade Me from Palace.


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