Version 6.15

Update V6.15


This update contains a number small changes to improve the user experience.

  • An error no longer occurs when Approving an invoice in the Document Workflow area.
  • The max. disbursement showed 4 decimal places on Work Orders. This has been changed to 2 decimal places.
  • When performing a Bank Import transaction match, the cursor now goes to the tenant search field.
  • Wording changed when a tenant has a credit balance when creating a Tenant Invoice.
  • Add Change Log - The DO NOT Charge Water tickbox in the property screen now records in the change log if altered.
  • New Cashbook report created for auditing purposes (in Audit and Month End Report area).
  • Property/Tenant Diary Group Report - Tick box added to allow to sort by Reminder Date only and not Created Date.
  • Allows for more than one custom Bank Import file.
  • Fields added for Mail Merge and Custom Views: Tenant Match Code and Property Management Fee.
  • Charge Admin fee now defaults to Property (as opposed to Owner).
  • Global search option added. Right-click on the search function to change to this search option:

  • Report Banking Audit now in Description (Transaction No.) order. Also split Transaction Number from Description.
  • Direct Debit Entries Report will now print in the same order as displayed unprocessed transaction list. This means you can now change the sort order of transaction in the unprocessed transaction list.
  • Can now print onto pre-printed cheques.
  • Rent Increase/Decrease updates the DD/AP area as well as the tenant details.
  • Charge Admin Fee Transactions take into account Uncleared Funds in both the transactions and the Home screen.
  • New change log entry shows when AP/DD expected date has been moved.
  • The Unprocessed Transaction Report can now be sorted in the same order as the Transaction Entry screen. Transaction now allows you to re-order the list by column headings.
  • Expected pay dates now roll back when reversing a Direct Debit transaction.
  • Add entries to the Change Log report for any payment detail changes.



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