How to set up to link with Palace (Palace Support)

Here at Palace we need you to get in contact with Real and get the following from their support team:

  • Your Office Code
  • The FTP Login Details
  • All Agent Codes that will be using the internet transfer in Palace


Now you have the 3 main things required to setup

You need to go into Prime and enter in the FTP Login Details

  • Login into Prime
  • Change the view to Online Administration (Palace)
  • Search the Companies Name
  • Right Click on the name - Select Codes (Real Estate/ Custom) 
  • Enter in the FTP login and the Office code the Company has given you.

 Click the Green TICK to save.


Now, you need to get the client online and go to their Internet Transfer screen

  • Make sure you have ticked Real Estate
  • Go to the Settings for Real Estate
  • Select the Real ENZ Account
  • Click Edit
  • Enter in the FTP Login Details(these are the same as you entered into Prime)
  • User Name- FTP Login
  • Password-   Same as Login
  • Address-
  • Initial Path- /
  • Port-          21
  • Save

Now, that this has been set up, make sure the client is aware of how to set the properties they wish to upload to have been set up correctly in Palace.

Refer them to the Help link on Internet Transfer:

Preparing the Property for Internet transfer

How to upload a internet Transfer





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