How to set up the property for advertising

  • Find the property and right click and click on Edit
  • At the bottom of this screen, click on the down arrow next to the Suburb area and select a suburb from the list.


  • Make sure the property is marked available (if you want to advertise it now)
  • Now click on the Publish Tab
  • Tick Trade Me if you are going to advertise on Trade Me
    Note: This will send the advert directly to Trade Me once you save. See the Setting Up Trade Me area.
  • Enter as much of this information as you can
  • Note: The "Publish entry on line" field must be ticked for the property to appear on Trade Me
  • Enter a rental amount, it does not matter if this is different from what the current tenant is paying as this will not affect the tenant rental


  • Enter in the advert text
  • Note: Turn off the autofill button if you want a different advert in each box
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on "Suburb Link", select the suburb from the Trade Me selection and then again from the REAMXL selection. NOTE: REAXML is currently only used by the Harcourts group and web sites managed by Property Suite.
  • Now click on the Images Tab
  • Click on Import and browse to where your photos are kept, you can bring in more than one photo at a time, the system will automatically resize the photos.
  • Note: Please be aware the more photos you bring in at the same time the slower the process will be.


Notes for Images Tab

By right clicking on the Image, you will get the following options:

Set as "Advert Image":        If the photo has been set as an advert image, it will show on all the Advertising Reports and Flyers

Set as "Reference" Image:  The photo will be held in this area and not upload or show on any reports or flyers.

Set as "Exclude" Upload:     The photo will not be sent up in the next upload to the websites

Set as "Awaiting" Upload:    Use this option if just adding this photo to a property that is currently being advertised, it lets the system know that this image is to go up in the next upload. New photos are automatically set as awaiting upload.

Options Tab


Custom Features, this area can be used to add more of your own features. They are set up under system set up (see Property Custom fields). 


Extended Features: By clicking the add button you can add more features to your list which will be available on each property. Then in each property, you can then click on that particular feature and add the comments relevant to this property.  See below for an example.



  • To use this area correctly, you first have to set up some features
  • Click on the Add Button. Then click on Add down the bottom of the screen
  • Add in the feature. i.e Heating, then click Save and close
  • Back in the property, click on Add again, now highlight the feature called "Heating"
  • Down the bottom of the screen, type in to the features area i.e Heatpump (The type of heating) (This example shows Additional rooms as a feature ie Study
  • Then click close
  • It will now show in your extended features area against that property. Heating - Heatpump
  • Carry on till all your features for this property have been entered.

Now your ready to upload through the Internet Transfer please check out the follow Help link on how to do a Internet Transfer.

Process of the Internet Transfer


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