How to make a Rent Reduction

If your tenant is foe some reason having a Decrease in their Rent Rate, you will need to do the following:

  • Find the required tenant and double click (or you can right click and edit)
  • In either place, click on the Options Tab
  • Go to the Rent Changes box and click on Add (do not delete any rent changes that are already there)
  • Select the date that the rent change Is or will be on
  • Enter in the new decreased amount
  • Click on Save.
    NOTE: Palace now needs to re-calculate the Paid To Dates and the current amount owing as well as any part payment. You need to do a Tenant Modify Rent Repost-But if your Console conversion please confirm with Palace Support Team before performing this option.


Instructions - Repost:

This function corrects the rent paid to and from dates for a tenant record if there has been a change in rent amount or start date.

  • Right click on the required tenant, click on Modify - Rent Repost
  • Follow the pop up boxes through
  • Click yes to the first one and save to the second one. (Do not type anything in here unless told to by Palace support)
  • Then you will get a pop up saying Rent Repost Completed.
  • It pays to click on the tenant list again as this will refresh the tenant records.


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