How to reverse a Partially or Fully Allocated Receipt?

Are you getting a pop up saying you cannot reverse because the receipt is partially paid or partially allocated to an invoice.


Simple Fix.......


You will need to look at the following report to find the original invoice number,

-Tenant other amounts owing OR

-Tenant Transactions


When looking for the Charge Tenant Debit transaction number you need to find the tenants-other amounts owing report -Selecting Tracked (this will help you find the transactions that are allocated) OR Tenant Transactions report. You will the see transaction number of the receipt your wanting to reverse and it will be below the invoice it's been assigned to.

Take note of the charge tenant debit transaction number and do the following next steps.


NOW you have found the transaction number your receipt has been allocated too


  • Go to Transactions
  • Select History- Down the bottom add the transaction number in here in both boxes and use the < to filter the transactions down to find this particular one
  • Now select the transaction and go up to the Details Tab
  • Once your in the Details tab you will see it say Partially Paid or Fully Paid
  • You will need to change this by going to the Edit button and then using the drop down and change it to Not Paid and save.


  • Now your receipt is no longer allocated to this invoice,
  • you can now reverse the invoice.


If you have any issues or questions, please let us know as the Support Team will happily come online with you.


NOTE: If the invoice has more then one receipt allocated to it, you will need to reallocate the receipts to the correct invoice.

Have a look at the following link for more information on allocating Tenant money to a Tenant invoice






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