How to Import a PDF or word document into a document template

  • Click on Tools, Document Templates
  • Click on Add
  • Give the new document a title

  • Select a type (as above), then click on save
  • The letter will now be highlighted, Click on Edit Document
  • A screen with an empty document should be showing in front of you now

Go up to the following icon and click


Now go down to the Import Button and Click


This will open up your files for you to select your document you would like to import. Once found click open


Your document should then open up into the Template area. If you want to make any changes or add merges you can, just like when your creating a new document.


  • If you want to put in a letterhead, click here for further instructions
  • Click on Mailings (Top of document) click on Insert Merge Field, scroll to the nearly the bottom and select "Current Date"
  • Move the cursor down the page and then click on "Insert Merge Fields again, select the fields that you want. i.e If you want Tenant Group Name, you scroll down to the T's find the merge field, click on it and it will appear in your letter.
  • Keep repeating this step throughout the letter entering in all the merge fields you need.
  • Once you have finished the letter, you can use the Agent Merge Fields to sign off. (Agent merge fields use the primary agent of the owner)
  • Keep in mind that if you will use the letter in the body of an email, then the email signature will be available, so you may not need to use agent fields.
  • Once set up, save and close out.


  • NOTE: Follow the same instructions for setting up SMS Templates, when you select the type, select the ones with SMS beside them i.e Tenant SMS.



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