How do I Charge an Owner a Let Fee- Australia

Australian Charging an Owner Let Fee

To charge the Owner a let fee, Palace allows you to do this in various screens, you can use Charge Admin Fee or you can charge the Owner at the same time as you receipt the tenant for their initial amount.


Transaction Area - Click on the left hand side drop down box and choose "Receipt Tenant - Multiple"

  •  Click on >>
  • Check dates
  • Select tenant from the drop down box (remember you can change to property sort by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the tenancy name)

Below is the screen for Receipt Tenant Multiple



Once you get to the bottom half of the screen,

  • Tick The Owner Let Fee
  • Put in the amount
  • Select the Ledger for it to go into
  • Then OK and process

Note: If you need to pay a commission to the Letting Manager which is different from the Property Manager, click on the drop down arrow (Under agent details and select the Letting Agent from the list.) This will bring up their commission percentage.

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